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Take a deep breath in, and reflect out


Breath Box is a stunning water front pavilion comprised of over 300 mirror flaps located on the seaside of La Grande Motee, in France.

Designed by Montpellier studio, NAS Architecture, the structure was created to partake in the annual Festival des Architecture Vives.

The designers intended the structure to be both reflective of its scenic location, while also utilizing the main restraint of the location – the wind.

The prevailing coastal wind not only makes the mirrored panels dance in an organic and fascinating manner, it also means a transformative refraction of the neighboring seaside occurs as well. The wind that lifts the panels provides a duality between visual experience and a replicated ripple.

The pleasure in observing the structure comes from the 345 ever changing panels which offer a variety of different visuals depictions. Each of them is attached to the structure by hinge, which allow both visitors and the breeze to lift up different segments.

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