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A-lign Concealed Fix In Action

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Jenkin Timber has added an innovative option to the premium A-lign cladding solution — Concealed Fix.


Jenkin Timber has added an innovative option to the premium A-lign cladding solution — Concealed Fix.

The key advantage of the Concealed Fix system is that it locks weatherboards tightly in place without the use of nails, so the surface of the weatherboard is unbroken. Of particular value in coastal environments, this means high moisture protection, no filling and puttying of nail holes, lower painting costs, and a superior face finish.

The A-lign Concealed Fix option delivers all the benefits of the A-lign system. Made from sustainable finger-jointed NZ radiata pine, the bevelback weatherboards, internal and external scribers, pre-fabricated box corners, facings, weatherheads and sills, allow builders to install the cladding to the highest traditional standards.

The pre-cut components are pre-primed and undercoated, with the first coat of paint factory applied. Combined with the unique patented fixing system this makes installation 25% faster than standard weatherboard cladding.

Treated to withstand termites, borers and rot, and with a stringent BRANZ appraisal*, the A-lign product range comes with a 15-year warranty – so there is no need to take any chances on your next build.

Quick Pick Benefits:

  • Even Easier and Faster to Install
  • Outstanding Face Finish
  • Superior Durability, Strength, and Stability
  • Termite, Rot and Borer Resistant
  • Pre-primed and Undercoated
  • First Final Coat Direct from the Factory
  • Sustainable - From Renewable Wood
  • NZ Grown and Made
  • High Moisture Protection
  • Extra High Wind Zone Rated
  • 15-Year Warranty
All details of the A-lign Concealed Fix solution are available in the CAD formats most commonly used in architectural practices.

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