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AIA CC Honor Award-Winning Building – Sansome Street

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This award-winning building by Mithun Solomon is rebuilding a San Franciscan community


The Sansome Street project is a housing venture for low-income and formerly homeless families located in central San Francisco.

Designed by Mithun Solomon, the project is part of an extensive community outreach process that’s helping rebuild the San Francisco neighbourhood.

Completed in 2015, Sansome Street offers 75 low-income units compromised of simple lofty style units and retail spaces that animate the building corners.

The building offers common spaces such as a multipurpose room, supportive service offices and a large rooftop garden and play area with stunning views.

Sustainability is inherent to the design of this project, boasting a vegetable planter to teach the low-income tenants a healthy, sustainable nutrition program.

Low water consumption, solar panels, and high-efficiency lighting and appliances are just a few of the other sustainable features of the Sansome Street design.

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