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Adjustable Garden House

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Timber and glass sliding walls create various layouts inside Garden House by Caspar Schols


With almost no formal Architectural training, Caspar Schols decided to push the boundaries and design this gabled garden shed as a multi-use pavilion for his mother.

Built on the side of his family’s pond in Eindhoven, Netherlands, the Garden House was a space intended for dinner parties, theatre performances, painting and meditating.

Schols managed to give the Garden Shed a modular design featuring Timber and glass sliding walls that can reveal or enclose the garden shed.

It is made almost entirely of douglas fir wood and at first glance looks like a typical garden shed, but Schols separated the inner beam-and-glass structure from the outer wooden walls and metal roof and set them on runners.

The walls part in the middle and can be wheeled inwards and outwards to create different layouts.

"I was looking for a design with a lot of flexibility, if possible a design that has the flexibility of clothes," said Schols. "You should be able to get away with changing the layers of the house almost as easily as changing clothes when desired."

The pavilion contains a bed that lifts out of the structure's raised decking base, and a small black wooden fireplace is set in its centre.

In inclement weather, the walls can be closed to create a warm shelter with outdoor decks on either side.

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