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Accoya Named As A Top 10 Green Building Product 2017

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The announcement was made at Greenbuild USA, the world’s largest conference dedicated to green building


Accoya, the world leading modified wood manufactured by Accsys Technologies, has been named one of 2017’s Top 10 Green Building Products at the Greenbuild Expo, United States.

Presented by BuildingGreen, publishers of Environmental Building News magazine, the esteemed award is in its fifteenth year and recognises green building products that make fundamental transformations to the design and construction industries.

Eco-Leaders are considered visionary companies that utilise renewable energy, extend the life cycle of their products, maintain a sustainable supply chain and give back to the communities within which they operate.

Laura Keily, head of marketing for Accsys Technologies, said: “We couldn’t be more thrilled at Accoya being recognised by BuildingGreen as a trendsetter in wood products. The accolade demonstrates our commitment to the marketplace by providing a durable and sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods.”

Accsys Technologies received the award as a result of its recent approval from the International Code Council (ICC). The association works to define the standards for safe and resilient design and construction, and is focused on sustainable building.

Receiving ICC approval affirms that Accoya wood satisfies the requirements for applications above and below-ground, including protection against fungal decay and termites as described by the code.

Brent Ehrlich, LEED AP BD+C, products and materials specialist at BuildingGreen, commented: “We have known about Accoya for years, but we recognised it as a Top 10 product this year because it is now ICC approved for ground contact applications. With its Cradle to Cradle Gold and FSC certifications, Accoya offers a solid combination of environmental stewardship and real-world performance.”

Accoya wood boasts a 50-year above ground and 25-year below ground warranty and swelling and shrinkage are reduced by 75 percent or more. The material is sourced from FSC-certified forests and is also Cradle to Cradle Gold certified and is a healthy materials standard for Google’s Portico.

Manufactured using a proprietary acetylation process, Accoya is one of the most superior wood products on the market today. It performs to the highest of standards, delivering remarkable levels of stability, sustainability and durability. The altered cell structure of the wood makes it an unrecognizable food source for insects and prevents fungal decay.

Accoya wood is distributed in New Zealand by Timspec and in Australia by Agora, Britton Timber, M&B Building Products and Matthews Timber.

Recent field and lab testing conducted by the Australian Forest Research Company (AFRC) in Melbourne shows that Accoya offers exceptional durability against termite and fungal decay. Accoya was assessed alongside a range of high density hardwoods, including Western Red Cedar, demonstrating Accoya’s advanced performance compared to competitor products.

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