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10 Tips For Selecting Your Bricks

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10 Tips For Selecting Your Bricks


1. Bricks are a natural product and as such there will be some colour variation between and within batches.

2. Always blend from three pallets to ensure colour variation is evenly spread across the wall.

3. Do not lay wet bricks as an accurate indication of colour variation cannot be gauged. Also, a wet brick may cause efflorescence to appear.

4. Bricks may have been transported up to seven times prior to them arriving on site. During this handling chipping may occur. This will not affect the performance of the brick in any way.

5. If you believe there is an issue please phone NZ Brick Distributors to organise a site meeting prior to laying.

6. The industry standard for viewing brickwork is from four metres back. Brickwork should be viewed as an assembly, not brick by brick.

7. Clean as you go. Acid wash is not recommended. However, if necessary contact NZ Brick Distributors first.

8. Always use the appropriate mortar joint type. This will limit chipping and ensure your bricks’ appearance is enhanced.

9. It is the responsibility of the bricklayer to ensure all bricks laid are of acceptable quality.

10. A brick laid is a brick accepted by the bricklayer and the owner.

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