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NKBA award winning bathroom and meditation space by Leonie Von Sturmer

This master suite with a meditation room won the NZKBA Trends Innovative Bathroom award – the design is by Leonie von Sturmer. Leonie Von Sturmer talks about achieving the tranquil aesthetic in this bathroom and meditation space. The bathroom is often the only place in a home where peace and privacy are a given. Many suites are created to enhance this sense of escape and respite – and none more so than this restful Japanese-influenced design. Here, the owners bought the adjoining apartment and combined the two to create this luxury master suite. The brief to Leonie von Sturmer was to include a bedroom, ensuite, and separate office, together with a meditation room with a tea centre and separate lounge area.  “The couple wanted the suite to have a serene mood and follow the seven aesthetic principles used in traditional Japanese garden design. These include simplicity, asymmetry and understated beauty; together with a sense of nature, tranquillity and freedom from habit,” says von Sturmer. “The spirit of these principles is carried through all spaces in this expansive, spa-like master suite.” In keeping with a resort-style sensibility, the bathroom includes a Japanese soaking tub and a luxurious steam shower. Von Sturmer set the tub in a raised plinth to accommodate the one metre depth required. The plinth was necessary because the apartment tower is built entirely of concrete, which meant there was no under-floor space to call on. The plinth, steps and shower cubicle are all in porcelain tile with a wood-inspired pattern, combining a natural aesthetic with a practical water-resistant surface. And while the bathroom follows age-old design concepts, it also achieves a modern air, evoked in its clean lines, off-centre marble basins, sculptural tapware and curved stair handrail. The bathroom walls are finished in a hand-applied, textured plaster which has been highly polished. This creates a damp-resistant, almost luminous surface. Read the full article at Video: