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Altus (formerly Fletcher Window and Door Systems) is a leader in innovative products underpinned by a trusted fabricator network.
Introducing Altus Window and Door Systems - robust, high-performance platforms presented in sleek, stylish profiles. Our range features sliding doors so smooth you can open them with one finger, low maintenance flush sills and easy indoor-outdoor flow. With four suites to choose from, there’s a solution for every area in your home. And with their inherent design characteristics you can combine a mix of products from each suite for a look that’s perfectly in tune with your home.

Whether you’re renovating your home or building a new one, our window and door selector will inspire you to express the way you want to live.
Discover how spaces can be transformed through, light, ventilation and indoor/outdoor flow while creating a wish list of windows and doors, which you can save and share with others.

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Join the Smartfit® revolution

Are all windows and doors the same? It is often said “a window is just a window”. But talk to anyone that designs or sells windows and doors and they’ll say - that is like saying “a car is just a car”. We all know with cars there are aesthetic, performance and innovation differences - Well this is also true of windows. For the most part people know there are subtle differences like the depth, curve or line of a profile or double glazing with all the bells and whistles. But the revolutionary Smartfit® window system is more than that – why? Well it’s not the fact that it has a BRANZ appraisal and a Codemark – any widget or product could go through the rigours of approval and compliance to try and attain these. It’s because it changes the whole process of how we make and install windows for the betterment of our homes, the people building them and ultimately the people living in them. Smartfit® is precision engineered – CNC technology provides accuracy and the ability to turn complex detailing into simple performance features, like; integrated support bars, head flashings and cavity closers. The result is a cassette window completely ready to be installed the moment it leaves the factory. The complex process normally associated with installing windows now becomes hassle free – saving on time and potential mistakes. What’s the big difference? Smartfit® was designed to own the space between the window and the cladding. So it uses a clever face fixing fin to screw the window to the frame. This creates the air and weather seal, taking it from the back of the internal wall lining to forward of the frame and into the cavity. Along with the novel water management features built into the system, Smartfit® offers certainty and peace of mind through superior weathertightness. At the end of the day, Smartfit® proves ‘a window is not just a window’. In the case of Smartfit® it is more like a fine car – offering a good bit of rev, robust performance, sophisticated engineering and smart technology.

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