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3-6 Timaru Place, Mt Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand

Fairview Windows and Doors

About us

For almost 50 years, we’ve helped thousands of Kiwis make the most of their homes and living spaces. We’re proud to call New Zealand home.

In 1968, we began as a family owned joinery business in Fairview, a small part of Timaru. Nearly half a century later, we’re still proudly owned by that same Kiwi family. And the ingenuity and passion of hundreds of New Zealanders have helped shape and create the exceptional window and door solutions now available across our manufacturer network.

Our logo may have evolved over the years, but the passion that drives Fairview Systems is unchanging. It comes from our people, and of course, our customers. And our work and passion is reflected in the windows and doors in homes and workplaces from Northland to Stewart Island.

Our team
Across New Zealand, an extensive network of Fairview manufacturers builds and installs the window and door solutions that bring your home to life.

We’re one team, made up of independent businesses – and wherever we work, we’re still hands-on and driven by the same passion to go the extra mile for our customers.

From simple renovations to bespoke architectural homes, every project is different; but we also realise that everyone is uniquely personal. Fairview manufacturers create hand crafted solutions specific to your home – designed for New Zealand, backed by world-class quality.

For ideas, advice and further information about our windows and doors, speak to your local Fairview manufacturer or contact us.

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