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Teri Donnelly
+64 9 525 3450
49 Main Highway, Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand

About us

An advocate of great design, Yellowfox is an inspiring group of designers who live to be challenged… and to challenge. Not scared of colour (or developers) they believe 100% in the blink test. Going weak at the knees over glamorous powder rooms, they would like to be remembered for the sparkle in a client's eye when a decision nightmare becomes a design delight.

Believing good natural light is worthy of worship, they consider every space worthy of a design professional. They have a profound appreciation for the value of work-of-mouth owning their business but will never disclose the real meaning of the name 'Yellowfox'.

Yellowfox would like to thank their partners below for their support of the Fox Philosophy and for having such fantastic products to specify.

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