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About us

In a fast-paced global environment, business success rarely precedes carefully executed strategy.

At Trends we’ve been lucky enough to sit with thousands of businesses as they’ve developed their strategies. We’ve observed what businesses do, how they do it and what it takes to bring about success. With this key insight into the global business landscape, we can help curate the core fundamentals of your business with a view to growing your achievements.
We can provide our senior staff as mentors and consultants to help guide and assist you in taking your business forward. Whether this involves refining your current plan or helping you think outside the box and develop a new one, we can work with you to implement cost-effective and productive business strategies.
Our Creative team has worked with some of the world’s most iconic brands, and in some cases even help to create them. When we approach design we look at it from many angles. Creatively, graphically, visually and with good business logic within the structure of the campaigns we create.

We offer all levels of design services, from Mac-operator based projects through to total inception of an idea from birth. As well as controlling the ways in which it manifests itself in various communication platforms.

We specialise in delivering integrated campaigns that require a high level of co-ordination and collaboration to realise the full potential of the individual deliverables. This in turn creates an additional element of service for our clients, by providing these various elements through one source of campaign management.

We work in both small and large physical spaces – retail, event, exhibition – as well as all forms of major media. We also work within the Trends Communication Company so we understand the complex differences between print, online and digital media. This results in our ability to create cutting edge implementation and deployment of an idea.We also have some of New Zealand’s most creative business minds that collaborate with some of the world’s largest companies. This means we can help Kiwi businesses look to the future and provide strategic planning advice, mentoring and documentation. If you need creative, design or strategic planning services, then contact a team member today and let's get started.

How We Create a Brand Ad