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About us

The LIGHTHOUSE LIGHTING GROUP with our ten store locations throughout New Zealand collectively has a vast pool of lighting knowledge, experience and ideas that we can share with you to make your lighting dream design come true.

You use an architect to professionally design your house - so why would you leave the lighting design to someone else who is not a professional lighting consultant? All our store have professional or experienced lighting design consultants, so call in on our Lighthouse stores and get the dream lighting design you want to enjoy in your home.

Here is how LIGHTHOUSE makes a difference for you:
· You will be served by our knowledgeable staff who will listen to what your lighting needs and aspirations are
· We make it easy for you to make good lighting choices because we give you professional lighting design solutions first and foremost
· Then we can offer you a unique and quality range of beautiful lighting products from Europe and around the world to meet your lifestyle needs
· We also pay a lot of attention to energy efficient lighting and to the comfort that good lighting design brings to you and your family and friends
· We give you lighting design insights on how LED lighting technology and products could make your home beautiful and save energy at the same time
· Many of our stores have dark rooms to show you how the lighting effect actually is like when installed in your home

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