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From entertaining friends, to families with young children, Formica laminate surfaces, benchtops, and cabinetry can create the look you desire with all the added benefits of a softer, warmer and long-lasting material. The sheer variety and durability of laminate makes it the perfect décor solution for all lifestyles.

Formica Brands Include:

Formica 180fx
Formica 180fx Offers inspiration on a grand scale. Achieving an unprecedented large scale design, this sophisticated laminate replicates the beauty and magnitude of natural stone by using innovative printing technology that captures every little nuance and detail. Offering an unmatched realism, its striking colour variations and intricate veining deliver a unique, luxurious look that's perfect for residential and commercial benchtops, countertops and vertical applications.

Formica AR Plus High Gloss
AR Plus High Gloss Solid Colours offer a hassle-free, durable high gloss laminate with twice the surface performance of standard gloss laminate. The AR Plus technology delivers a gloss surface that is highly resistant to scuffs and mar abrasions, extending the gloss laminate life cycle. AR Plus high gloss laminates come in a 1.2mm thickness which delivers an exceptional flat gloss finish.

Formica ColorCore features the high performance characteristics of laminate while eliminating the dark line sometimes associated with laminate edges. This and the increased levels of wearability and reduced visual impact of chips and scratches mean you can have a solid laminate benchtop without highly visible joins. Formica Colorcore gives your kitchen a practical option that looks great.

By choosing Greenfirst for your interior spaces, you’re helping us preserve the environment for future generations.