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Zinc cladding for wharf apartment building

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VM Zinc Pigmento Brown zinc cladding from Wakefield Metals features on Clyde Quay wharf

Zinc cladding for wharf apartment building


Wellington Harbour is renowned for its strong winds, and the Clyde Quay Wharf development needed to be able to withstand both the force of gale-force winds and the constant battering of salt-laden sea spray.

VM Zinc, a specialist in high-quality rolled zinc for cladding and roofing applications, was commissioned to come up with a suitable cladding solution for the project. The company says it worked closely with local engineers, and utilised the skills and experience of the design team at Aquaheat Classic Metal – the firm is a recommended installer of VM Zinc products, which are distributed in New Zealand by Wakefield Metals.

The team specified Pigmento Brown zinc. This features on the external wall cladding and soffits. Pigmento Brown zinc is particularly well suited to a marine environment, and the colour blends well with the surrounding material finishes.

VM Zinc says a bespoke interlocking panel system was required, as the project called for an engineered panel that was larger and thicker than standard to meet the wind loads – the gauge of this zinc is 1.2mm.

"The curved panels at the bottom of the western facade were another tricky design element, which required a specially designed structural fixing system. Aquaheat Classic Metal, which also fabricated and installed all the zinc cladding, was able to accommodate these custom designs and provide the precision work skills required for a high-end project of this nature."


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First published date: 30 October 2014

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