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Yacht club apartment looks out to sea

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A peaceful and warm site that's far away from busy city streets, this was the perfect place to build a relaxing apartment

Expansive use of glass means ample sunlight


Architect: Shenzhen Super Normal Design

About the project (text supplied): This project is located in Seven Star Yacht Club in Dapeng Peninsula, Shenzhen. It has China's natural semi-concave harbour, and it's also the main shooting location of Chinese film 'The Mermaid'.

The owner's initial plan was to build a sailing classroom for teenagers. However, when the designer came to the location - a peaceful and warm site that is far away from busy streets and facing the vast sea - he got another idea; the Seven Star Yufeng Club. It is a private club where you can learn about sea, and it has a single-story apartment with a full view of the sea.

The designer retained the original white and simple architecture, added plants suitable for the beach, and used wood materials which give people a feeling of being close to the nature.

In this way, a more natural colour was given to the original monotonous and cold building space, so while showing its extremely pure modernism style, the whole building was a symbol of vitality. Climb the stairs, and you will get a wide view.


The original white wall with wood colour changes along with the direction of sunlight, as if it is wearing a casual coat of light and shadow.

First published date: 19 December 2017

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