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Add warmth, texture and fine craftsmanship to your home with a Middle Eastern rug or carpet from the House of Haghi

Works of art


Bringing an exotic touch to your décor can be as simple as selecting a Middle Eastern rug or carpet.

The House of Haghi has an extensive range of carpets, rugs and kilims to choose from.

Owner Mohsen Haghi has been in the business for more than 20 years and personally travels to the major rug-making centres of Iran, Afghanistan, India and Tibet to source and select carpets.

This ensures that you'll find a diverse range of carpet styles, colours, weaves and patterns on display at the House of Haghi showroom.

"With so many rugs on the market, it's important to make sure we select only the genuine articles," says Mohsen Haghi.


As a result, each of Haghi's Persian rugs comes with its own certificate of authenticity, detailing its origin and history.

The variety of patterns, motifs and traditional colourations are the result of hundreds of hours of work by members of nomadic tribes, village workshops and urban designers.

For details, visit the House of Haghi showroom, 2 Nuffield St, Newmarket, Auckland, phone 0800 523 2121 or (09) 523 2121, fax (09) 523 2129.

First published date: 24 August 2003

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