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Working harmony

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Clean, harmonious lines draw together an array of contemporary multi-featured appliances in the E:Line range from Electrolux

Working harmony


FOR SAVVY apartment and home buyers the smell of freshly brewed coffee is no longer the biggest selling point to come from the kitchen. With the move to open-plan interiors comes an aesthetic imperative – a kitchen that doesn't look like it was drawn together from four very different corners of the earth.

Enter the E:Line range from Electrolux – contributing a harmonious, contemporary feel to the kitchen environment and presenting a key design feature for specifiers, architects and designers.

The cutting-edge E:Line range is also designed with intuitive controls that a first-time user can understand at a glance. This is a major bonus in a hard-working domestic environment and a point well-worth mentioning to any prospective homeowner.

Assistant marketing manager Megan Reeves says ovens in the E:Line range provide a good example.

"Whether it is choosing a cooking mode or setting the timer, you don't need a manual to achieve the desired result," she says. "We call this our Intuitive Oven Interface (IOI) – a people-friendly way to ensure the souffle rises as planned and the family roast turns out to perfection."


Deceptively simple in appearance and operation, the E:Line facades conceal an array of functions and user advantages. For example, the dishwasher offers auto sensing – measuring the cleanliness of water after first rinse and only performing a second rinse if necessary. This is another point of difference in times that see energy efficiency as a central appliance consideration.

"E:Line refrigerators are offered in six models. The sleek side-by-side product offer 1020 litres of usable space, providing maximum storage capacity over minimum kitchen space," she says. "Oven and hob options are equally diverse, with ovens available in single, duo and double models. There is also an upscale 80-litre oven, with 66 litres of usable space."

The clean-lined gas hobs' eye-catching ceramic glass base and flattened iron trivets are easy to clean. The hobs also offer a built-in flame-failure sensor.

Clearing the air after dinner, the E:Line rangehood is as modest in profile as it is powerful in function.

"Seen in concert, the E:Line range from Electrolux offers a unified, modern front and the practical applications that a kitchen environment and potential house buyer demands," says Reeves.

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First published date: 12 December 2006

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