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Work hard, play hard

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Retail flooring needs to be hard-wearing, and this store is no exception. Feltex Stile No Rules carpet tiles are made to take the knocks

Work hard, play hard


In most retail environments, design flexibility is paramount. Being able to move displays or rearrange the floor space helps a store retain a fresh, innovative look.

But moving display units can take its toll on flooring, which may already be showing signs of wear in busy traffic areas. This needn't be a problem, however, with the new, commercial-grade Feltex Stile No Rules carpet tile collection. These tiles, which feature in the gift and discovery store shown here, can be installed without a predetermined pattern. This means you can add or remove tiles without worrying about dye lot blends, says Denis Peltier, Feltex business development manager.

"Advanced tufting technology allows for unlimited pile height, no pattern repeat and interesting colour gradations," he says. "The result is a highly styled collection that can be installed in any configuration with undetected dye lot blends.

"The rules say you have to put your carpet down in a predetermined pattern – we say forget that," Peltier says. "You can put No Rules down in any configuration."

The carpet tiles are available in six designs, each with 16 colourways. This store features Blox – large-scale geometric shapes with floating pattern elements in tonal shades – in the colour Moonstruck.


The complex layers and patterns are created by the use of 100% Eco Solution Q-dyed nylon.

"When used with Ecoworx backing, the flooring is particularly environmentally friendly, as both the fibres and the backing can be recycled," says Peltier.

The No Rules collection incorporates Florsept anti-microbial protection, which inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould.

For more information, or details of your nearest distributor, contact Feltex, phone 0800 100 008. Email: .

First published date: 07 June 2005

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