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With a twist – Naylor Love builds cathedral

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Christchurch Cathedral built by Naylor Love

With a twist – Naylor Love builds cathedral


As the first cardboard structure to be built in New Zealand, the Christchurch Transitional Cathedral posed its own construction challenges for the main contractor Naylor Love. But, as project manager Stephen Lynch says, it wasn't the cardboard tubes that needed the most attention, but rather the twist on the raked roof.

"Because of the twisting nature of the roof, every angle and detail was different," he says. "Not one junction was the same as another. We were helped by 3-D modelling company Steel Pencil, and steel fabricator East Coast Steelwork, so every connection was worked out on computer before we came to put it in practice."

Lynch says much of the structure was prefabricated and bolted together on site, rather like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

"The project was also characterised by a very early involvement by Naylor Love, so the design was developed simultaneously with the construction methodologies. Another significant factor in the build was the six-month delay created by the need to change the cathedral from a temporary to a permanent structure. This meant we were building into the winter and the weather became an issue – we were constantly working with one eye on the weather forecast."

Lynch says the attention created by the completed cathedral – more than 30,000 people visited in the first month – is a matter of pride for both the city and the people who worked on it.



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First published date: 19 December 2013

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