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Large tiles and visual references to the home's natural surroundings are evident in this ensuite


Maintaining the character of your home can be especially challenging in ensuites and bathrooms. In particular, if your home has a traditional or rustic character, modern bathroomware may seem incongruous.

Buying a three-bedroom home with extensive mountain and river views, interior designer Sue Nauman and decorator/painter Steve Fraser sought to realise its potential and impart character through minor renovations and extensive redecorating.

"Because of the location, we wanted to create the feeling of lodge living. In the master bedroom, boxing timber was used to give the walls and skirting a rustic appearance. The whitewashed wall effect was created by blonding, washing and leaving the timber unsealed to ensure it will age naturally."

Above the bedside cabinets, on either side of the bed, shutters were installed in front of two small windows. Adjacent the bedroom is the entrance to the tiled ensuite.

"Underneath the large mirror we installed a stained, white American oak vanity top. While it's modern, it connects with the overall flow of the house. It can be difficult to link a home with aspects of country styling to a modern bathroom."


Rather than choosing fixed cabinetry for the ensuite, Nauman chose to use furniture to provide informality.

"Under the vanity top are simply two aged, wooden bedside cabinets and a rattan chest. The ensuite also features a wet area with a double shower, finished with sheets of interlocking river stones."

The home's other bathroom has anthracite wall and floor tiles. The large, 450mm x 450mm tiles were chosen to make the compact room appear larger.

An existing shower and bath were retained in this bathroom. The wall-hung vanity was spray painted white and the mirror above the vanity fitted flush with the tiling.

First published date: 20 June 2006

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Credit List

Interior designer Sue Nauman Design and Steve Fraser Decorating, (Queenstown)
Vanity White American oak vanity top custom made by Queenstown Joinery
Shower fittings Hansgrohe from Mico Wakefield
Shower stall Custom made
Basin Mistral Robertsons from Mico Wakefield
Taps Fonte Collection from Mico Wakefield
Toilet Happy D from Mico Wakefield
Lighting Recessed halogens from Campbell Electric
Tiles Che Stile Italian Stonehenge Collection
Shower cubicle Che Stile Italian Pebble