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Water on tap

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Able to dispense both boiling and chilled filtered water from the same tap, the Zenith HydroTap is a healthy, convenient addition to your kitchen

Water on tap


As people become more concerned about the quality of their drinking water, bottled water has become very popular. Yet bottled water is expensive, requires a trip to the supermarket, and used bottles often end up in landfill sites.

A convenient and hygienic alternative to bottled water is to install a Zenith HydroTap at your home or workplace. Available from Parex, the HydroTap is a water delivery system featuring a single benchtop tap. For added convenience, it dispenses both boiling and chilled filtered water from the same underbench unit at a flow rate that guarantees efficiency and cost savings. The filtration system removes particles that contaminate water, but doesn't remove fluoride.

"Rather than buying filtered water, getting it delivered and having to store it in the fridge, all you have to do is press a lever. If you look at water in a supply chain, it makes a lot more sense to filter at the point of drinking," says Parex general manager Andy Higgs.

The convenience of the HydroTap means you can make tea or coffee in a second, prepare meals quickly, and fill numerous glasses and bottles with chilled water without running out.

For details, contact Parex, 103 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland, freephone 0800 200 510, freefax 0800 200 520. Email:, .


First published date: 27 February 2006

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