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Warm throughout

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There's no need to shiver when you leave a warm room. With the Brivis gas central heating system, your whole house can be warm and comfortable

Warm throughout


Undertaking a renovation project provides a good opportunity to review your heating requirements. And for an increasing number of New Zealanders, that means following the Northern Hemisphere example of heating the whole house, rather than one room at a time.

The Brivis ducted gas-fire central heating system from Warm Air Distribution allows you to do just that. Manager Mike Williams says the programmable system ducts warm air into every room to maintain a comfortable temperature.

"In winter, many New Zealanders are accustomed to moving from a warm climate to a cold climate inside their own homes. We believe the cold should be kept where it belongs – outside the front door."

Williams says the Brivis system heats very quickly, which means it can be programmed to turn on a few minutes before you arrive home in the evening.

"The system also provides health benefits," says Williams. "As the air is constantly moving, there is no build-up of stale air. And, of course, there is no sudden temperature change between rooms. In summer the ducted system can be used to keep your home aired and dry."


The Brivis system can be installed in ceilings or under the floor.

For further information, contact Warm Air Distribution, phone 0800 4 Warmth (492 768). .

First published date: 20 July 2006

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