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Planning a renovation project is the ideal time to reconsider your energy sources and research the advantages of natural gas

Warm and friendly


Renovating your home can make it a lot more comfortable to live in. But the biggest transformation isn't necessarily what you can see, but rather what you can feel.

Choosing to install natural gas can pay big dividends – in terms of both comfort and efficiency. And it makes sense to consider all the advantages while you are in the planning stages.

For example, you may wish to replace your electrical hot water cylinder with a continuous flow gas hot water system. Not only will you gain extra storage space in your home, you will also have the benefit of instant and continuous hot water. An endless supply is assured, no matter how many family members are queuing for the shower. In addition, the temperature of the water will remain the same, even if taps are turned on elsewhere. And you won't be using energy to store hot water, which translates to cost savings.

Many renovation projects involve refurbishing the kitchen. Opting for gas cooking appliances provides many benefits – as chefs around the world will testify. A gas flame provides instant, even heat. Gas also offers precise temperature control, even for simmering delicate sauces.

Natural gas also comes into its own as an efficient and cost-effective energy source for heating your home. Today, there are numerous different gas heaters and fireplaces available, in both contemporary and traditional styles. These appliances have thermostats, programmable timers and economy modes that enable you to make considerable energy savings.


Alternatively, you may prefer a gas central heating system that can warm all your rooms at once, or gas underfloor heating.

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First published date: 05 July 2005

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