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Urban renewal – Jasmax architect Gary Marshall puts the case for tactical urbanism

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Tactical urbanism – trialling design concepts to gain public feedback may enhance the quality of our urban spaces – Jasmax architect Gary Marshall

Urban renewal – Jasmax architect Gary Marshall puts the case for tactical urbanism


Auckland is known as the City of Sails and the city is, in many ways, defined by its harbours and water-based activities. It's not surprising, therefore, that the waterfront is held incredibly close to many Aucklanders' hearts.

And with the CBD located right on the water's edge, the waterfront deserves particular attention and creative thinking to realise its potential as a key social, environmental and economic component of the city.

Waterfront Auckland recognises that we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to transform the city by regenerating this strategically important area in a holistic, complementary and sustainable way.

To meet this goal, we have established a number of frameworks, in consultation with our local communities. These ensure that we have clearly defined outcomes that we aim to achieve with the help of key partners, including the property industry.

Right from the outset, Waterfront Auckland has believed that all of us involved in the process need to challenge ourselves and the way we have traditionally approached urban development. By being very clear about our outcomes, in particular the need to create vibrant, diverse and sustainable urban communities, we have completely inverted the normal developer focus.

Traditionally, such outcomes are secondary to profits. But we have thrust them to the fore. These outcomes need to be the focus of every development. We are targeting developers who share our vision – those who want to be part of an exciting


First published date: 11 December 2014

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