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With its crisp, minimalist styling and new Fisher & Paykel appliances, this kitchen is fully equipped for a modern lifestyle

Up with the play


Appliances no longer take a back seat in the modern kitchen. These days, they are just as likely to be an integral part of the overall design as the cabinetry.

For this new kitchen, designed by Sue Gillbanks of Kitchens By Design, stainless steel appliances enhance a variety of reflective surfaces, and help bring a lively, bright look to the space.

A new Fisher & Paykel French Door refrigerator sits within a bank of wall cabinets. With its large, stainless steel face, and built-in stainless steel surround kit, the refrigerator complements the perimeter benchtops, and the aluminium trim and cabinetry handles. The stainless steel surround kit also allows the refrigerator to sit flush with the cabinets, as it conceals the necessary side clearance.

But equipping a kitchen isn't just about aesthetics – functionality is equally important. The French Door Active Smart model shown here has two central opening doors that offer unobstructed access to 900mm-wide shelves. These are ideal for the large platters often used when entertaining. There is also a spacious, horizontal, pull-out freezer drawer.

The French Door features an integrated in-door water dispenser, which offers chilled, filtered water, and an internal ice maker that provides clean, crisp ice cubes. Unlike earlier models, the in-door dispenser doesn't compromise the usable internal storage space. This ensures there is plenty of room for bottles.


For ease of use, the refrigerator also has an on-door electronic user interface, which accesses all refrigerator features.

Other benefits of the refrigerator include a humidity control system that independently adjusts the humidity of the two storage bins, ensuring fruit and vegetables stay fresher and last longer.

Also shown is the Fisher & Paykel OS302SS Titan single oven. With its large capacity and variety of functions, this oven is well suited to a family. The 10 cooking modes include a specially designed roast function that first sears your meat before automatically dropping the temperature to complete the cooking process.

Cleaning is also a breeze, thanks to the pyrolytic self-cleaning feature.

The oven is paired with a Fisher & Paykel CG913T Titan gas cooktop. This appliance features five burners plus an easy-to-use electronic ignition, which lights the flame with just a single turn of the knob. As the cast iron trivets are recessed into the cooktop, pots and pans are easy to move around.

For further information, contact Fisher & Paykel, phone 0800 FP Care (372 273). .

First published date: 17 October 2007

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