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Unlimited possibilities for Laminex Solid Surface

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3-D thermoforming with Laminex Solid Surface

Unlimited possibilities for Laminex Solid Surface


Technological advances in solid surfacing materials have opened up a whole new raft of design possibilities for architects and designers.

The new Laminex Solid Surface range is a case in point. Manufactured from 100% acrylic, it can be fully 3-D thermoformed to create extra-long, seamless surfaces and curves.

Because the surfaces are seamless, they provide a very sleek, streamlined look and are easy to clean, which makes them a hygienic option. Laminex Solid Surface meets stringent American Greenguard standards ensuring safe and clean indoor air quality. Laminex Solid Surface is also accredited by the National Sanitation Foundation – it's qualified for unrestricted use in healthcare facilities, labs and food preparation areas.

Laminex Solid Surface comes in 20 colours and a range of thicknesses to give ultimate design flexibility. The collection provides a mix of classic colour designs, combined with more contemporary colours for modern interiors. As well as the standard 12mm thickness, Laminex Solid Surface is available in white in 6mm for vertical applications, and 19mm for solid horizontal surfaces.

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First published date: 19 December 2013

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