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Twenty-twenty vision

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Clear, unobstructed views and good ventilation can be achieved simultaneously with Aneeta™ sashless windows

Twenty-twenty vision


Contemporary design is frequently characterised by smooth, uncluttered lines. Materials and products that help achieve this look are particularly welcomed by architects and designers.

Aneeta™ sashless windows, distributed by Fletcher Aluminium, were designed with this in mind. Suitable for both new and existing buildings, these windows allow for ventilation and unobscured views.

The Aneeta system positions the glass directly into the window frame. Panes can be slid up or down using a pulley and runner system, and can be locked to provide secure ventilation. For added security, panes can only be removed internally.

The windows have a patented central aluminium fin in the track, designed to improve weather seals and reduce external noise. It also provides structural support for multi-pane windows.

The range includes standard two-panel, single sliding counter balance, three- and four-panel windows in 6mm glazing options, two-panel double-glazed windows up to 14mm thick, and two- and three-panel 10mm windows for commercial applications.


For more details, contact your local aluminium manufacturer: Rylock, phone 0800 4 Rylock (479 5625); Nebulite, phone 0800 Nebulite (632 854); Fisher, phone 0800 Fisher (347 437) or Vistalite, phone 0800 Vistalite (847 825).

First published date: 23 August 2004

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