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The new Landcare building makes a statement with Colorsteel® painted steel and Zincalume® steel



Modern architecture not only requires attention to form and function but must often reflect the values and endeavours of the building's occupants.

Landcare Research, New Zealand's foremost environmental research organisation, asked architects Chow:Hill to design its new facility, taking into account social, economic, environmental and cultural considerations.

This resulted in an energy efficient building, and extensive use of Zincalume® steel and Colorsteel® painted steel cladding.

The Landcare building houses a number of national treasures including the national collection of insects and fungi. Architect Stuart Mackie wanted the building to reflect how precious its contents are, and so came up with a woven basket look for the exterior.

Colorsteel painted steel allowed the introduction of colour, which is subject to a range of environmental factors that impact on the product's colour performance. The paint coatings are designed for improved durability, which can be enhanced with regular maintenance.


John Matheson of Clarke Roofing says creating the weave look was a challenge."Approximately 80% of our business involves both these products," he says.

For further information, contact New Zealand Steel, Private Bag 92 121, Mission Bush Rd, Glenbrook, Waiuku, Auckland. Phone (09) 3758999, Fax (09) 375 8959, or visit their website

First published date: 10 December 2004

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