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Incorporating a shower stall into a bathroom can sometimes detractfrom the design aesthetic. Kohler offers a functional and visually appealing solution to this problem

Transparent solutions


The shape or location of a shower within a bathroom can sometimes make it difficult to successfully incorporate it into the design.

To meet the demand for integrated commercial and residential bathroom design solutions, Kohler has developed a range of tile shower systems.

The Kohler Trilogy series of fully integrated, tile shower enclosures combines practicality and visual appeal in a low-maintenance, easy-to-install shower solution, designed to suit most bathroom décors.

The Trilogy system comprises a frameless door, water-proofing wall system and tile tray, all with subtle chrome finishes. It comes in eight shapes and sizes to suit corner, alcove, angled corner and round corner designs.

Trilogy's clean, linear design, featuring clear-glass doors offset by chrome fixtures and fittings, was conceived to enhance other bathroom materials, such as tiling.


On a practical level, the frameless glass doors are easy to install, and the wall liner offers total waterproofing prior to tiling. The base consists of a single flat tray designed for easy tiling and suited to both level-entry and above-floor installations.

The Trilogy system eliminates the waterleakage problems often associated with tile showers. A chrome-finished channel around the base of the tray captures water runoff, while a waterproof wall lining and flush-fitted door ensures water stays within the shower enclosure.

For ease of cleaning, the Trilogy system incorporates a lift-off drain cover in the front of the tray. This cover can be matched with the shower enclosure tiles to completely conceal the drainage unit.

Trilogy by Kohler is available from selected distributors nationwide. For additional details, phone 0800 100 382. .

First published date: 23 August 2004

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