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Clean lines and quiet operation are just some of the advantages of a Parmco downdraft air extraction system

Total design freedom


An essential element of good kitchen design is reliable ventilation that ensures the efficient and effective removal of cooking odours.

An extraction system that is also visually unobtrusive is a popular choice, as it helps to achieve an uncluttered, contemporary look.

The Parmco downdraft air extraction system is designed to eliminate the need for bulky extractors and ventilation systems. It combines high-performance motor technology with discreet air intakes, for quiet, efficient odour removal.

Parmco extractors can be installed almost anywhere, whether it be an island, backing onto a breakfast bar, or in between twin hobs on a benchtop. Its discreet design means it fits seamlessly into the decor.

Extractors glide into place from their concealed hiding place beneath the bench, and immediately start removing steam, grease and cooking odours.


Parmco downdraft's dual motor model powers the efficient and powerfulextractor-system.

There are six models of Parmco available. All include optional face plates to match a range of kitchen designs.

For further information, contact Parmco Sales Ltd, PO Box 51-649, Pakuranga, Auckland, phone (09) 573 5678, fax (09) 573 5699. Email:

First published date: 05 July 2005

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