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Clean lines and quiet operation are just some of the advantages of a Parmco downdraft air extraction system

Total design freedom


T houghtful ventilation is an essential element of good kitchen design. An unobtrusive extraction system that allows complete design freedom should be a consideration.

The Parmco downdraft air extraction system combines high-performance motor technology with discreet air intakes, says Parmco's general manager Arvi Crossland.

"It can be installed almost anywhere, whether it be in an island, backing onto a breakfast bar, or in between twin hobs on a benchtop."

Extractors glide into place from their concealed hiding place beneath the bench, and immediately start removing steam, grease and cooking odours.

"The downdraft's features include a dual motor model, making it one of the most powerful extractors available," says Crossland.


There are six models of Parmco extractor systems with optional face plates to match a range of kitchen designs.

For more information contact Parmco Sales Ltd. PO Box 51 649, Pakuranga, Auckland. Phone (09) 573 5678. Fax (09) 573 5699. Email .

First published date: 12 January 2005

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