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Contemporary dimmer systems give clients precise and reliable control over their lighting

Total control


Layout, surfaces and furnishings all have a huge impact on the ambience of an interior. But one of the most versatile and dramatic decor elements is the lighting. For an upscale public, retail, or entertainment space it makes sense to choose a professional light control system that offers precision, ease of use and reliability.

Following from successes in the domestic and commercial automation sectors, Clipsal Integrated Systems has now introduced a range of 12-Channel Professional Series Dimmers, says national sales manager Gary Larkin.

"These dimmers are designed specifically for architectural dimming applications," says Larkin. "Ideal for museums, hotels, theatres and galleries, the L5112 Series suits incandescent, low voltage lighting and electronic transformers compatible with leading edge dimmers."

Incorporating a patented Advanced Phase Control (APC) switching technique, Clipsal's Professional Series Dimmers give greater efficiency than conventional dimmer technology.

"This means a cooler operating temperature and improved reliability," says Larkin. "A powerful DSP processor results in a dimmer with outstanding power for a product of this class."


Designed to allow for future optional upgrades to the operating system, control of the Professional Series Dimmers can be either from Clipsal C-Bus or a DMX-512 source connected to the optional sockets at the front panel.

Total digital hard firing means that the dimmer has comprehensive immunity to mains supply ripple and fluctuation, resulting in load brightness stability and less flicker.

The Clipsal C-Bus 12-Channel Professional Series Dimmers are an effective and dependable choice for your next large-scale dimming project.

For details, contact Clipsal, phone 0508 254-7725.

First published date: 07 June 2005

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