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Sky gardens, solar panels and heat co-generation elevate Elliott Tower above the usual high rise development


Auckland's skyline is about to grow higher with the granting of consent for the 67-storey Elliott Tower.

A rigorous international tender, called by Marcus Beveridge of Queen City Law on behalf of developer Dae Ju Housing Company, resulted in the design from New Zealand firm Moller Architects being selected.

"Moller Architects was keenly aware of the impact a building of this height would have on the surrounding environment, which is why the design features a tower that only occupies around a third of the actual building platform – the remaining area is for the retail concourse," says project architect Terry St George. "This also adheres to council requirements to minimise shadowing of key public areas such as Albert Park and Aotea Square."

The building will feature its own public space, in the form of a rooftop garden above the retail area. This space is augmented by two sky gardens located at equal points on the tower, says St George.

"These act as carbon sinks, mitigating building service emissions, and contribute other sustainable design features, including rainwater capture for building services and co-generation of heat from mechanical plant. On the roof, 180 solar collectors will provide hot water to the entire complex for eight months of the year."


Once complete, the top of the 232m-high tower will defer slightly to the public platforms of the Sky Tower.

First published date: 21 September 2009

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Project Elliott Tower, Auckland, New Zealand
Architect/designers Moller Architects Images courtesy of Queen City Law; Moller Architects