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To your good health

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The new Auckland City Hospital centralises the city's acute adult services into one purpose-built, nine-level ‘village'

To your good health


The courtyard in the centre of the hospital helps to fulfil the design criteria that all rooms in the building must have access to natural light. AJ Gundy Ltd was sub-contracted by project builder Fletcher Construction to erect the framings and lining in the courtyard, light well and in the vertical shafts.

The company prefabricated all the wall panels for these areas and, because scaffolding was not provided for use in the courtyard, had them lifted into place by a hand-driven fork hoist.

Once these walls were fixed into place, the company stopped all the plasterboard and, working from a suspended platform system applied a finishing trim.

Director Arthur Gundy says to achieve the level of quality required, his company had to ensure all tradesmen performed to a high standard.

"Logistically, our part of the project had to be carefully thought out as we had to work round all the other sub-contractors employed in other areas of the hospital," he says.


For more information, contact AJ Gundy Ltd, Unit C, 117 Central Park Drive, Henderson, Auckland, phone (09) 837 4400, fax (09) 837 4300. Email:

First published date: 12 October 2003

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