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To your good health

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The new Auckland City Hospital centralises the city's acute adult services into one purpose-built, nine-level ‘village'

To your good health


One of the challenges for Aspec Construction Interiors, who won the contract to fit out packages of level 5, level 1 and the whole interior of level 3 of the hospital, was the complexity of design and layout. Site foreman Dale Lightfoot says the logistics of projects like this call for good organisational and management skills.

"With medical facilities, almost every room, ward, operating theatre and certainly every floor is designed for a specific purpose, with its own particular needs and features. As well, the project also had to be completed in a tight time-frame. As the largest public building in New Zealand, it had an extremely complex floor plan," says Lightfoot.

Aspec Construction provided a large organised project management team that was structured, experienced and of sufficient quantity for the scale and complexity of its sections of this project. Work included building the structural supports, interior walls and ceilings, installing floor coverings, wall linings and organising, coordinating, programming and supervising sub-contractors.

For more information, contact Aspec Construction, PO Box 108 004, Symond Street, Auckland, phone (09) 309 3612, fax (09) 309 3549. Email:


First published date: 12 October 2003

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