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The new Auckland City Hospital centralises the city's acute adult services into one purpose-built, nine-level ‘village'

To your good health


To support the walls and floors of the hospital, 4000 tonnes of raw steel were fabricated into structural components, then bolted in place by Grayson Engineering.

The company was contracted by Fletcher Construction to prepare fabrication drawings, before making all the steelwork that supports the building's structure. This included the exposed structural K-bracing elements which are featured in the walls of the six-storey central atrium and on the outside end walls.

Commercial manager Colin Berger says the company was well-suited to taking on this project as it is one of the larger, mechanised, structural steel fabricators in the country.

"Having a good number of experienced staff available enabled us to process the raw steel and turn out the framework in the relatively short time frame that was allocated to our company to complete our section of the contract. Because of the quantities involved, the whole fabrication process took about a year," he says.

For more information, contact Grayson Engineering, PO Box 97-550, South Auckland Mail Centre, Auckland, phone (09) 262 3097, fax (09) 262 3180. Email


First published date: 12 October 2003

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