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TIDA NZ 2017 – Designer kitchen entrant – Mona Quinn of Callidus Architects

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A high-end rearrangement of a kitchen

TIDA NZ 2017 – Designer kitchen entrant – Mona Quinn of Callidus Architects


• Generally, refurbish to suit family working and doings
• Family home here to stay – worth doing right to suit lifestyle
• Do it now so it can be enjoyed when the kids are small

• Planning the layout better
• Rearrangement of kitchen/dining/family room
• Possibly reuse cupboards/repurpose as still in good condition
• Possibly renovate hallway as well to allow for more instant access into family space
• Porch arrangement along rear elevation as currently its too sunny/windy and driving rain leaves no shelter and they rarely leave doors open because of this
• Repurpose old chimney to be an outdoor fire
• Possible optimise laundry area



• Main bedroom – redo arrangement
• Balcony or similar with large window to enjoy garden
• Guest bedroom – redo arrangement - improve by adding a window or skylight for a more light and airy feel
• Bathrooms – as is
• Boys bedrooms – reconfigure old walk-in wardrobe to make two good sized bedrooms for the boys
• Crib additional storage from wardrobe in study
• Office – as is
• Maggies room – as is

• To deliver a high-end result in keeping with the character of the house.
• Provide an open-plan family living/dining/kitchen that flows well for modern living and has great views/access to the garden and outdoor living spaces

First published date: 06 November 2017

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