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A merger results in a company capable of offering clients an all-inclusive service and product solution to their commercial interior problems



CLICK AND order e-tailers have revolutionised the way in which many of us approach our day-to-day consumerism. Whilst bricks and mortar retailers aren't done for just yet, valuable lessons in providing convenience have been taken on board.

Many traditional businesses have discovered that by pooling their resources and marketing themselves as one-stop-shops, consumers are, once again, beating a path to their doors.

By offering an end-to-end solution for commercial interiors, Audeo Group have been able to expand the customer base and enhance the company's expertise, says director Gary Brown.

"Audeo Group is the result of the recent merger between Optim Group – project management, interior and architectural design, desking and timber joinery – and Precision Limited – metal storage and shelving solutions. The outcome is a unique combination of services and products able to be tailored to suit a particular project."

Optim Projects is now the commercial interiors division, providing design and project management services specialising in bar, restaurant, retail, government and office fit-outs.


One of Optim's recent successes is Wellington's Cavern Club. The client wanted to create a space that was evocative of the original whilst providing modern luxuries in a warm, interesting and light-hearted setting.

For details, contact Optim Projects, a division of Audeo Group, PO Box 39-471, Wellington 5045, phone (04) 920 5400, fax (04) 920 5402. Email: .

First published date: 30 March 2007

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