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Thoroughly tested

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To keep the fans safe, fire-rated doors have been supplied for the new stand at Eden Park by Metalbilt

Thoroughly tested


When a product or system has been independently trialled, specifiers such as developers, architects and building owners are far more liable to have confidence that it will perform to the requisite level on their project.

Auckland commercial and industrial door designer and manufacturer Metalbilt® has recently developed a range of fire-rated roller doors incorporating proprietary fixing systems. Tested at a registered testing facility to New Zealand conditions, these are the only fully tested doors available in the country. Metalbilt has a long track record of working on large-scale infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand over the last 50 years, and during this time has acquired extensive engineering experience and fire protection expertise. This has enabled the company to design, manufacture and install a variety of fire-rated shutters and roller shutters into various wall constructions throughout the new South and East Stands, ticket booths and entry gates at Eden Park.

With one of New Zealand's largest ranges of doors for all types of openings and a wide variety of applications, Metalbilt supplies its products to the retail, food processing, transport, infrastructure, sporting, entertainment and government sectors. The company's spares and servicing agreement ensures customers can expect a long and satisfactory life from all its doors.

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First published date: 22 November 2010

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