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This otherworldly Japanese restaurant features delicate light displays

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You've likely never seen a restaurant like this before. Designer Sun Tianwen sought to create something truly different

Glass panels imbued with LEDs fill the space


Archtiect: Shanghai Hip-pop Architectural Decoration Design Co
Photography: Zhang Jing

About the project: This restaurant is reminiscent of a set from the movie Blade Runner. Like the film, this space features bright blues and oranges throughout, in addition to decidedly space-age glass panels imbued with different patterns.

According to designer Sun Tianwen, the ultra-clear glass in this Japanese restaurant is engraved with the sakura (a blue led light band), which contrasts with the complete black background of the sushi counter. He aimed for a zen-like feel, which he found was only possible when mixing each design harmoniously.

Apparently, Sun Tianwen also has little interest in the thoughts of the industry.


First published date: 25 August 2017

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