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The transportable solar microgrid

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This solar racking system can be used for peace keeping, humanitarian and emergency response situations

Transportable Solar Microgrid


Diesel generators are usually the go-to when grid power isn't an option, but this may not be the case for much longer. New solutions like the Genesis S Class use solar panels instead, making it possible to take advantage of the sun.

The benefits are obvious. With at least part of the power provided by solar, there's reduced reliance on diesel. There's also the added benefit of saving the diesel generator for emergencies, or electricity at night.

This generator solution uses a rack system to store and deploy the solar panels, making it easy to transport and even easier to roll out. A humanitarian team, for example, could ship the system in, open the doors and have instant access to solar power.

Looking a little further ahead, there's a good chance solutions like the Genesis S Class will grow to include battery storage, completely eliminating the need for a separate diesel generator.

From PWRstation: Upgrading diesel gensets to hybridised diesel-solar microgrids has never been easier


The fully integrated containerised PWRstation Genesis S Class provides electricity production in urban, commercial, industrial and rural zones. The Genesis S-Class is a scalable, off-grid solution for larger +/- 1 MWp configurations commonly used by such groups as peace keeping, humanitarian, emergency response agencies and for remote work sites.

  • 10 feet container
  • 50 solar modules
  • Plug & Play - Less than 1 hour activation
  • Hybrid Mode Compatible with Diesel
  • Ideal for leasing and rental programs

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First published date: 18 July 2017

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