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The right cladding, design and landscaping makes maintenance easier down the track

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When building a new home, don't just focus on functionality and aesthetics – consider the time you will spend on upkeep too

The right cladding, design and landscaping makes maintenance easier down the track


By opting for low maintenance design and materials it's possible to save time and money on the upkeep of your home – giving you freedom to spend both in ways of your choosing, rather than becoming a weekend slave to chores.

On the exterior of your new home, it's about ensuring any ongoing maintenance required matches your budget and lifestyle. For example, the beautiful look of dark cedar weatherboard may not match the less attractive reality of higher maintenance, with an expensive staining process required every few years. In fact, it's often the exterior maintenance elements that prove costly and beyond the skillset of owners.

The design of your interior plays a role in maintenance time, as well. Simplifying design elements can result in easy to clean areas, while plentiful storage options can declutter a home of dust-gathering items, again saving on cleaning.

And the size of your home is important, too. Often New Zealanders want the largest home possible. However, well-designed smaller homes can offer maximum required functionality with minimal upkeep and will save money too.

The landscaping of a home can add value and aesthetic appeal. But at the same time, large sections with beautiful landscaping often translate into weekends dedicated to gardening. Smart choices of lawn types, paths, and features, along with the right decking and plant species help ensure a garden stays beautiful with less input.


An experienced builder like GJ Gardner Homes will help you design a home that suits your lifestyle, taste and low maintenance needs.

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First published date: 30 January 2018

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