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MPM Projects ensured Waitakere City's commitment to ESD was fulfilled at Central One



PROJECT MANAGEMENT, a many and varied role at the best of times, might require the drafting of tender documents, the procuring of architects, contractors and other consultants, and the development of planning documents. As well as co-ordinating a project from start to finish, it's possible you might have also have to further your education.

MPM Projects is a company with a wide range of skills. Its team of specialists is drawn from a wide range of professional and contracting backgrounds – architects, construction managers and quantity surveyors. Because of the high level of ESD involved in the project, Waitakere Properties asked the company to attend a number of seminars on the subject. Senior project manager Gary Caulfield, a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council that recently implemented a green star rating for New Zealand buildings, was happy to accede.

"As well as attending seminars, we brought specialists over from Sydney, and basically produced a series of guidelines for the construction of green buildings. As there are six more commercial structures to be built on the site, and because sustainable and green building are the way of the future, this is valuable knowledge."

Other aspects of MPM Projects' role involved producing tender documents for the Japanese and civic squares, and managing budgets, financing and marketing.

"An early challenge to overcome was the installation of the infrastructure, including drainage and cabling, for the whole site. Once that was completed, everything progressed smoothly. On a project like this there are many stakeholders, and many other projects going on concurrently. As the only company with a complete perspective of what was going on and what needed to be done, it was essential to ensure effective day-to-day communication."


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First published date: 30 March 2007

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