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The kitchen basics: Key questions to ask yourself before starting a project

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So you want a dream kitchen? Great! But how do you get started?


Before calling an interior designer or booking a builder, run through our list of questions below to firm up what you want out of your renovation. Remember: It’s better to do the job right the first time!

Want vs. need

One of the most important exercises in any renovation is the want vs. need list. It’s easy (and expensive) to fall into the trap of buying all new appliances when what you really need is a new countertop.

Draw up a simple list with two columns and get writing! This is also a useful document you can take to a kitchen designer.


Will your needs change?

If you’ve got a growing family, you may want to think about how you’re likely to use your kitchen in the future. While that small annex may be fine now, a larger area is almost certainly going to be easier with growing children to feed.

A counter with a breakfast bar can also make it much easier to prepare and then serve food.

What do you use your kitchen for?

If throwing parties ranks high on your list of priorities, keep this in mind when planning your kitchen renovation. This means design with room for a larger refrigerator and prep area. The same applies if you love to cook. You won’t regret a larger stove, oven or sink.

Who’s using the kitchen?

Getting old is never easy, so why not redesign your kitchen so it works for you? Choose cupboards that are easy to access and a pantry with sliding drawers instead of deep shelves. While you’re at it, consider incorporating a skylight and new, more powerful lights to keep these lit up.

What’s your budget?

You’ve likely heard the horror stories of renovations costing twice as much as the initial estimates – they’re not uncommon. So how do you renovate your kitchen without blowing your bank account? With careful, considered planning.

What are your ‘must-haves’?

It’s important to have good, long think about the things you can’t live without. We’ve put together a few ideas for you to mull over:

  • Seating – Do you want a breakfast nook? An island with bar seating?
  • Electrical sockets – In the midst of frantic dinner party prep, you’ll want plenty of sockets for all of those small appliances.
  • Wine fridge – No shame with this one. A place to store wine in the kitchen is seriously convenient.
  • Rubbish bin – A bin is certainly easy to gloss over when you’re pricing up range hoods, but give it some thought. A pull-out drawer bin can make it easy to manage rubbish.
  • Storage – Forget the food for a moment. Where are you going to store those recipe books and trinkets?

First published date: 25 July 2017

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