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The home office: 5 questions to ask yourself

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Whether you work remotely or just want a space in your home to focus, here are five questions to ask yourself before designing your home office

Do you need a home office?


Thanks in large part to the internet and smartphones, many people are now able to do their jobs from home. But where are you supposed to do this work within the house? For many, a home office is the way to go.

Whether you work remotely or just want a space in your home to focus, here are five questions to ask yourself before designing your home office.

What type of work will you be doing?

A gardener is going to have different home office requirements from an architect, making this one of the most important questions to ask. Using the above examples, the gardener will likely only need a small desk, computer and phone to manage their business, meaning a small annex should suffice. An architect, on the other hand, will likely need a drafting table, desk and a computer.

Will clients or customers visit the space?


A home office designed for client visits will look a lot different to one designed for you and you alone. If you need to meet with clients or customers, consider tasteful furniture and decoration. If you’re the only person likely to see the office, you can focus on creating your perfect working environment.

Do you need to store any expensive equipment?

If you use specialist equipment or expensive technology as part of your job, think about security. You may want to consider a safe or even a home security system to safeguard your investment. This is an important consideration.

Do you need a dedicated space for video calls?

Video calls have made it possible to have a face-to-face meeting with someone else on the other side of the planet. Understandably, it’s the perfect technology for those working from home. If you need to make video calls, consider a dedicated spot in your home office.

Have you got proper seating?

It's easy to pass over buying a good seat to save money – but this is a bad idea. When planning your new home office, put money aside for an office chair with proper support. After all, chances are you'll be spending a significant amount of your day sitting. Your back will thank you later.

A good chair is also likely to improve your general productivity as you'll be able to work more comfortably.

To avoid renovations further down the line, ask yourself the following questions first – They’ll help you to build a space that works for you.

As with kitchen and bathroom renovations, how you’re likely to use the space should play a part in the design. If you’re preparing to sell or want to improve your house, take a good look at current trends and get advice from professionals.

First published date: 28 July 2017

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