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The compact, interwoven family home

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This modest home makes the most of a small section, delivering a snug family space that opens up to the sun

The angled roof is certainly unique


Architect: Zen Architects
Photographer: Emma Cross

From the project: A rear addition to an existing double fronted period home in West Brunswick, The Nest consists of a new open plan living area and a mezzanine.

The client’s brief specified that the kitchen should be the focal point of the house with all family rooms interacting with this area. The solution came in the form of a nest-like mezzanine studio that floats above the living area. Underneath the canopy of a dramatic, north-facing raked roof, the mezzanine facilitates interaction between each room in the house while still allowing separation of spaces for privacy, acoustics or thermal comfort if required.

The result is a compact, interwoven house that respects its surrounding environment whilst enhancing the passive solar performance of both the old and new sections of house and interaction with outdoor spaces at the rear.


First published date: 19 September 2017

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