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Management played a key role in the completion of the Kiwi on Queen apartment block, built by Dominion Constructors



Cities are constantly evolving. New buildings replace old ones seemingly overnight. The speed at which construction companies erect new buildings is partly due to evolving technology and techniques, but largely because of good teamwork.

Dominion Constructors commits to developing team relationships to ensure successful projects, says Brett Russell, managing director.

"The Kiwi on Queen Apartments, are a perfect example of teamwork in action."

The 10-storey apartment block employed up to 39 subcontractors at any one time. Management of a large team, and the constraints placed on an inner-city development, requires strong leadership and a focused team.

In addition to the usual managerial requirements, traffic control was a significant role played by the project manager.


Council regulations placed restrictions on deliveries until after 9am. Shared access with the neighbouring youth hostel further complicated matters.

"Deliveries were carefully orchestrated to ensure minimal disruption to others, and to ensure the development was completed on time and within budget," says Russell.

For further information contact Dominion Constructors Ltd, PO Box 17254, Greenlane, Auckland, phone (09) 526 5808, fax (09) 526 5809. Email: dom@constructors.co.nz. Website:www.constructors.co.nz .

First published date: 25 March 2005

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