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Now you can choose a cladding to suit your lifestyle. Palliside weatherboards not only look good, they're also designed for minimal maintenance

Taking it easy


Balancing work and leisure hours has become increasingly important for many homeowners as they look to follow a more relaxed lifestyle. Not surprisingly, spending precious weekends on home maintenance is not part of the overall picture.

Low-maintenance building products provide a solution to this problem. And, thanks to today's technology, you can choose materials that have the appearance of traditional weatherboards, but none of the maintenance hassles.

Palliside weatherboards are a long-lasting and versatile cladding designed and manufactured in New Zealand to withstand our climate extremes.

Business manager Richard McGechie says Palliside has many practical benefits for homeowners.

"Solid and durable, Palliside weatherboards have a unique interlocking design. This features hidden nailing, which provides an attractive finish, while also preventing moisture from getting behind the boards," he says. "Manufactured using advanced technology and with a proven record, these uPVC weatherboards will never rot, warp or peel."


McGechie says Palliside comes in avariety of colours and profiles, and never needs painting.

"This adds to the long-term, cost effectiveness of the product. However, Palliside can be painted if the homeowner is set on a change of colour, but it would be at the risk of losing many advantages."

The design versatility of Palliside, and its suitability for both contemporary and traditional architectural styles, is another advantage, says Richard McGechie.

"Weatherboards are part of this country's architectural heritage, but many homeowners have associated weatherboards with high maintenance. With the Palliside cladding, that traditional Kiwi vernacular can still be expressed in design terms, but with a low-maintenance product."

McGechie says the homes featured on these pages illustrate the diversity of Palliside's applications.

"While Palliside is mainly used on new homes, it is also well suited to additions and re-cladding existing homes," he says. "Palliside weatherboards provide the natural shadow-lines of timber weatherboards. They can also be handled and cut like timber."

McGechie says Palliside complements other claddings, particularly brick, and is frequently used on upper levels and gable ends.

Palliside is available in two profiles: Rusticated, in either a smooth or new Woodgrain finish, and Traditional, a bevel-backed profile with a smooth finish. Each profile is available in a number of colours and comes with a full range of finishing accessories.

To reassure homeowners of the product's durability, Palliside comes with a 25-year manufacturer's warranty.

For details, contact the manufacturer Dynex Extrusions Ltd, PO Box 19-133, Avondale, phone 0800 4 Dynex (439 639). .

First published date: 24 August 2003

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