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Swimming pool cover has many plusses

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Keeping your pool clean, trapping warmth and avoiding wasting chemicals and water – an automated cover from Covers 4 Pools makes all the difference

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There are few things more enjoyable
than having your own family pool – and few things more exasperating than having to clean it out every second week. Luckily, there’s a much easier way forward.

Covers 4 Pools, a family business run by Charles, Paulene and Shayne Olliver, offers an extensive range of automated pool covers and is the sole New Zealand distributor for the internationally popular Coverstar Eclipse Auto Pool Covers.

The Coverstar Eclipse can take the weight of an average-sized adult, bringing complete peace of mind that your family pool is always safe, says Covers 4 Pools company manager Charles Olliver.

“Another increasingly popular option, is our new Roll Out Roll Under slatted cover, assembled here in New Zealand.”

This cover features a polycarbonate profile that heats the pool via the sun’s rays throughout the summer months and keeps the heat in over winter – extending your swimming season and substantially reducing your heating costs.


“These advanced covers keep dirt and leaves out of the pool and eliminate 90% of evaporation – reducing chemical use by up to 70% and, importantly, avoiding wasting thousands of litres of water,” Olliver says.

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First published date: 07 May 2018

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Coverstar Eclipse For details, contact Covers 4 Pools, Email:, phone: (09) 426 0625.