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Time-honoured materials and Kiwi ingenuity produce the housing of the future


Advances in modern architectural practices are resulting in wide-ranging implications for the industry as a whole.

As consumer demand for environmentally sustainable and responsible products increases, the industry is responding by introducing new, light-weight building materials that have negligible carbon emissions throughout their manufacture.

One such product is the revolutionary TrendsBread™, manufactured by the TrendsED consortium.

"While the actual composition of TrendsBread is a closely guarded secret, the results speak for themselves," says TrendsED spokesperson and architect John Williams.

"TrendsED has recently completed its first residential project manufactured entirely from TrendsBread. The home features a number of initiatives that would be impossible to reproduce using conventional building materials.


"For example, the cantilevered butterfly roof is fully supported by the house's exterior walls. TrendsBread's inherent tensile strength means that minimal support is needed, allowing for open plan contemporary design," says Williams.

TrendsBread is not only limited to architecture. Due to its two-part, wet and dry manufacturing process, TrendsBread can be pressure-moulded into a variety of sizes and shapes, making it suitable for furniture manufacture.

"This is the first time I've worked with TrendsBread, but it won't be the last, says landscape stylist Kathleen Kinney Mullin. "The ease with which the product can be shaped, and its ability to complement other building products, makes it a cut above anything else I've worked with."

Another of TrendsBread's unique properties is its ability to be used as an alloy with other products. LiquoBread tiles – one such alloy – were used on the roof, while the outdoor furniture, and even the spray on lawn are derivative compounds of the TrendsBread formula.

First published date: 27 April 2007

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Credit List

Architect John Williams
Project supervisor Paul Taylor
Building materials TrendsBread by John & Maree Williams
Landscaping Coloured coconut in Verde Acceglio by Justin Foote; lollipops supplied by Fred Gulcher, styled by Kathleen Kinney Mullin
Outdoor styling and furniture Marzipan and icing accents by Kathleen Kinney Mullin, weber BBQ by Duetz cork, fruit bowl by Duetz lid, styled by Alison Rumpff, Mike Barrett and Fred Gulcher
Outdoor fireplace Crushed lollipop by Justin Foote
Roof tiles LiquoBread by Fred Gulcher, with assistance from Paul Taylor and Mike Barrett
Gravel paving and driveway CocoBread by Alison Story by Justin Foote